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We are pleased you have chosen The Color Bar Salon for your services on such a special day.


By submitting this contract you are agreeing to have read our bridal guide, filled out the bridal form,

agreed on pricing, and given your consent to any additional fees that may occur.


*Fees may be subject to change if services are booked during off hours/days/holidays

*There is an additional charge if you decide to add a blow dry prior to service day of

*Extra fee if credit card is necessary day of

*Services may be paid in full prior to the wedding if bridal party wanted to or day of

*Deposit is a non refundable deposit that can be used the day of towards your service

*You may cancel this contract any time up to 4 weeks of the wedding date & only lose deposit. After that, you will be charged 50% of the quoted rate

*You may subtract people up to 4 weeks of the wedding date. After that you will be charged 50% of that person's service

*20% Gratuity for parties of five or more

Date Deposit Collected
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