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Hair Therapy

Looking to improve the health, appearance, and condition of your hair and scalp?

Curl revitalization: Restore & nourish natural curl.


Split end treatment: Seal ends to prevent further splitting.Lasts up to 4 weeks.


Rewind Anti-Aging Treatment: Preventative anti-aging reparative instantly reverses signs of aging and correct years of structural and external damage to chemically treated hair.


B3 Semi Permanent Conditioner: Provides intensive repair and long term conditioning for extremely dry, very damaged and chemically treated hair. It is specially formulated with B3 bond builder to restore hair. 

Head Massage: $10 for 10 mins.


Hair Masks: (all include a hot towel with choice of essential oils)

Luxe Hair Detox Menu

* All treatments include a 10 minute massage & hot towel for the ultimate experience
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